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Here is a list of commercially-released recordings I've been involved with over the years. I think it's comprehensive, but I could easily have forgotten something — if you know of anything I've missed off here I'd be really grateful if you'd let me know!

Meridians & Superpowers

Alex Roberts & Graeme Ross · 2023

Old-school yet modern songwriting.

My Roots Are Showing

Doug Rorrer · 2023

Doug explores his impressive legacy in this lovingly crafted recording.

Hell Frozen Over

Ben Paley · 2022

E.P. of two tunes I wrote. Available for streaming or download.

Wagon Yard

The Long Hill Ramblers · 2022

Our take on a few great songs. Available for streaming or download.

The Last Tree

Jack Warshaw · 2020

More from Jack Warshaw. Available for streaming or download.


DeLila Black · 2020

Deep stuff from DeLila Black. Available for streaming or download.

Darling Sorrow

The Long Hill Ramblers · 2019


McDermott's 2 Hours vs Levellers vs Oyster Band · 2019

A dozen years in the making. Available for purchase on CD.

Singing It All Back Home

Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds · 2019

"Appalachian Ballads of English and Scottish Origin" Available for streaming or download.

The Clovis Limit Pt. 1

Mike Ross · 2019

Great psyche-country-rock album from a legend of the British scene. Available for purchase on CD.

The Servant's Ball

The Servant's Ball · 2019

Simultaneously one of the most difficult and one of the most fun projects I've ever been involved in. Available for download and purchase.

Donnelly & Paley

Dan Donnelly and Ben Paley · 2018

A few tunes

Misfits Migrants and Murders

Jack Warshaw · 2018

Traditional and original songs. Available for streaming or download.

Are We Having Fun?

Dan Donnelly · 2018

Latest from Belfast's finest. Available for purchase or download.

Roam the Country Through

Jeff Warner · 2018

Old songs from a contemporary master. Available for purchase on CD.

Where The Sunset Meets The Sea

The Watergrain Band · 2017

This was fun!


Jim Kweskin · 2017

The great Jim Kweskin, of Jug Band fame! Available for purchase on CD.

Endangered Species

Jack Warshaw · 2015

Traditional and original songs. Available for streaming or download.

OTF Recordings Sampler

Various Artists · 2015

Interesting sampler album from the Levellers' OTF label. Available for streaming or download.

Take Me for a Walk in the Morning Dew

Bonnie Dobson & Her Boys · 2014

First album for some time from this legendary figure of the sixties' folk scene. Available for purchase on CD.


Mark Chadwick · 2014

Mark's second solo album. Available to purchase on CD.

Beauty And Butchery

The Long Hill Ramblers · 2014

The Recruiting Sergeant

The Levellers · 2013


Dan Donnelly · 2013

Charity single for


Martin Young · 2013


McDermott's 2 Hours · 2013

Best-of compilation

Down In Old Dolores

Sara Grey with Kieron Means · 2013

Another great album from Sara and Kieron.

Downs Barn Demo

The Long Hill Ramblers · 2012

Roll On, Roll On: Tom Paley's Old-Time Moonshine Revue

Tom Paley · 2012

Interesting album from Tom and a number of other people. Available for purchase on CD.

The Pocketbook Hymnal Vol. 1

Benjamin G. Nicholls · 2012

Ladies and gentlemen... it's Ben Nicholls!

Topanga Anthem

Susan Lovell · 2010

Ben appears as a session musician.

Sandy Boys

Sara Grey with Kieron Means and Ben Paley · 2009

More traditional American music from one of the greats.

The Blind Jack Band

The Blind Jack Band · 2008

A collection of Yorkshire songs and tunes in aid of Henshaws Society for Blind People

Goodbye to the Madhouse

McDermott's 2 Hours · 2007

“...inspired songwriting”

Heathen Heaven

Moksha · 2006

World Music from Mars. Available for streaming or download.

Live at Fernham Hall

McDermott's 2 Hours · 2005

McDermotts live at Fernham Hall, Fareham on March 26 2005.

Traditional Irish & American Music

The Expatriate Game · 2005

Exploring the traditions. Duck Baker and the much-missed Maggie Boyle.

Far As My Eyes Can See

Kieron Means · 2005

Guitarist and singer of his own and traditional songs.

A Long Way From Home

Sara Grey · 2005

More traditional songs and banjo-playing.

Little Falls

The Sussex Pistols · 2005

English dance music... for dancing!


McDermott's 2 Hours v. Levellers · 2004

Another helping of Nick Burbridge's beautiful and disturbing songwriting, with members of the Levellers.

Friends Across The Pond

Various Artists · 2004

A compilation of music from Americans who have played at the first ten years of festivals put on by the Friends Of American Old Time Music And Dance in the UK.

The In-Between Us

Moksha · 2003

World Music from Mars. Download from Bandcamp!

dolor ipse

Ben Paley & Tab Hunter · 1999

Red-hot traditional fiddle and guitar music, available for download at


Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman · 1999

Original motion picture soundtrack


Phil Thornton · 1999

New-age music intended to evoke Celtic ritual.

Here To Stay

The Pilgrims · 1998

Aussie country/bluegrass. Ben appears as a session musician.

Svenska Låtar

Tom & Ben Paley · 1998

(Swedish fiddle tunes)
Ben and his dad play Swedish fiddle music.

Dealing A New Hand (From The Same Old Deck)

The New Deal String Band · 1998

Old-Time string band music.


Mandragora · 1998


evolving tradition 2

Various · 1996

"A fresh new generation of Britfolk performers"

We Are Melting

Bing Lyle & Ben Paley · 1995

Songs and tunes by singer, accordionist and guitarist Bing Lyle. Available for purchase on CD and available for streaming or download.


Hed · 1995


The Lost Album

Murray Lachlan Young · 1995

Poetry. I can't find the cover image anywhere!

Small Bit Of Love

The Saw Doctors · 1994

Swedish Fiddle Music - An Anthology

Ben Paley · 1993

Accompanying cassette for the book of the same name. Available for streaming or download.

On A Cold Winter Night (In America And Sweden)

Tom Paley and Ben Paley · 1993

Collection of American and Swedish songs and tunes.

Shankly Gates

John Cunningham · 1992

Intimate and skillful songwriting.

Like This Only Better

The Wild Turkey Brothers · 1992

Infamous Brighton Death-Blue-Metal-Grass merchants. The mighty second album. Download for free!

North And South

McDermott's 2 Hours · 1991

Acoustic version of the band. Available for free download.


Tom Paley and Barbara Lester with Ben Paley · 1991

Some traditional material and some of Barbara's songs. Available for download on Bandcamp!


The Wild Turkey Brothers · 1991

Infamous Brighton Death-Blue-Metal-Grass merchants. The seminal first album. Download for free!