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Roll On, Roll On

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UPC: 5051078-925721
Brand: Hornbeam Recordings
Format: CD
Packaging: All card with booklet, plastic-wrapped

Tom Paley's Old-Time Moonshine Revue

My dad's penultimate recording.

  1. Roll On, Roll On
  2. Little Birdie
  3. The Mourning Blues
  4. Sally In The Garden
  5. Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Farther In The Fire / Prettiest Gal In The County
  6. Beelzebubbles
  7. Johnson City Blues
  8. The Fiddling Soldier
  9. A Horse Named Bill
  10. The Morning Of 1845
  11. Whiskey Seller
  12. Little Rabbit
  13. Who's That Knocking At My Window?
  14. Green Grow The Lilacs
  15. Poor Bill
  16. Devilish Mary
  17. Keep On Trucking, Mama
  18. The Midnight Special
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