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Next gig: July 8, 2023, Workshop day in Lewes

Teaching and stuff

“...listening to Ben Paley's artistry in the company of other acknowledged masters of the genre is a real pleasure.”

Fiddle On

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Homunculus MellitusCover of Homunculus MellitusMy solo album Homunculus Mellitus is released. I can sell you a CD if I see you somewhere, but failing that you can still buy it: Download Homunculus Mellitus, or purchase Homunculus Mellitus on CD.

Swedish Fiddle MusicThe cover of Swedish Fiddle MusicMy book of Swedish tunes is finally available once more, and you can own it yourself: order a copy of Swedish Fiddle Music.

The Living TraditionCover of Living Tradition magazine, issue 132This magazine put me on their front cover, and inside there’s an article about me by Vic Smith. You can read the article.