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IMage of the cover of Roam the Country Through

Roam the Country Through

Jeff Warner


Wild Goose Recordings WGS425CD
Old songs from a contemporary master.
track list

  1. Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel
  2. Beautiful Life
  3. Girls They Go Wild Over Me
  4. A Frog He Went A-Courting
  5. Lass of Glenshee
  6. Hitting the Trail Tonight
  7. Gypsum Davy
  8. Boney on the Isle of St. Helena
  9. Roving Peddler
  10. Days of '49
  11. Better Home
  12. My Dixie Darling
  13. Jamie Judge
  14. Train on the Island
  15. Tenting Tonight
  16. It's My Lazy Day
  17. Jamestown Homeward Bound

  • Jeff Warner: vocals, English concertina, banjo, guitar, jig-doll
  • Alice Jones: vocals, harmonium, piano, whistle
  • Ben Paley: fiddle