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IMage of the cover of Friends Across The Pond

Friends Across The Pond

Various Artists


Friends of American Old Time Music And Dance FAOCD 02
A compilation of music from Americans who have played at the first ten years of festivals put on by the Friends Of American Old Time Music And Dance in the UK. Ben appears as a member of the New Deal String Band.
track list

  1. Possum up a Gum Stump
  2. Sail Away Ladies
  3. Sugar in the Gourd
  4. Cherry River Line
  5. Wolves a-Howlin
  6. Little Billie Wilson
  7. Sweet Sunny South
  8. Put Your Hand to the Plow
  9. Yew Piney Mountain
  10. Trouble On My Mind / Jenny Get Around
  11. Didn't He Ramble
  12. Stonewall Jackson
  13. Hop High My Lulu Gal
  14. Martha Campbell
  15. I Truly Understand
  16. Stone Camp / Sugar Babe
  17. Amazing Grace
  18. Pretty Polly
  19. Johnny Don't Get Drunk

  • Celestial Railroad String Band(1)
  • Tom Brad and Alice(2)
  • Rayna Gellert(3)
  • Diane Jones(4)
  • Rough Deal String Band(5)
  • Dan Levenson(6)
  • Kate Lissauer(7)
  • DwightDiller(8)
  • Reed Island Rounder(9)
  • Gandydancer(10)
  • New Deal String Band(11)
  • Dave Bing(12)
  • Sara Grey(13)
  • Bob Carlin(14)
  • Bruce Molsky(15)
  • Ron Mullennex(16)
  • Debby McClatchy(17)
  • Riley Baugus(18)
  • The Konnarock Critters(19)