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IMage of the cover of Take Me for a Walk in the Morning Dew

Take Me for a Walk in the Morning Dew

Bonnie Dobson & Her Boys


Hornbeam Recordings HBR0003
Great critical acclaim for this album. Available to purchase from Hornbeam's web site.
track list

  1. I Got Stung
  2. Morning Dew
  3. Southern Bound
  4. Come On Dancing
  5. Living On Plastic
  6. Peter Amberley
  7. Dinks Song
  8. Winters Going
  9. Mean And Evil
  10. Rainy Windows
  11. Vla LBon Vent
  12. Sandy Boys
  13. Born In The Country
  14. Who Are These Men?
  15. JBs Song

  • Bonnie Dobson - vocal, guitar
  • Ben Phillipson - guitar, dulcimer
  • Ben Paley - fiddle
  • Jonny Bridgwood double bass
  • Dave Morgan drums
  • Felix Holt harmonica, vocal
  • Ruth Tidmarsh vocal
  • Sean Read trumpet, percussion
  • BJ Cole pedal steel guitar, dobro