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IMage of the cover of Pollen




Delerium DELEC CD 070
The Brighton music scene has alway been a friendly, rambling and eclectic affair, with bands stealing each-other's musicians and influencing eac-other across the divides of genre. Mandragora are one of Brighton's best-loved psychedelic dance outfits, and here make use of a number of local musicians from a variety of backgrounds, to good effect. Ben appears as a session musician.
track list

  1. abuzeluf
  2. dub jig
  3. pollen
  4. click on this!
  5. coffee shop jig
  6. rewind everything's ok
  7. rebuk
  8. jazz message
  9. bliss the sky

  • Simon Williams:electric guitar, synths, samples, programming, electronics, keyboards
  • Al Jenkins:fretless bass, keyboards, guitar, programming, saz, drums, samples
  • Simon Cowburn:percussion, synths, programming
  • Mick Reed:drums, percussion, programming
  • Phil Thornton:keyboards,synths,recorder
  • ben paley:violin(1,2,7)
  • Ben Jamin:vocals(2)
  • Dad E. W (Waffleuppalus):vocals(4)
  • Arthur Brown:vocals(6)
  • Sergei Christmas:vocals(4)
  • Howard Marks:vocals(6)
  • Ror Williams:trumpet(8)
  • Purple Dave:keyboard(7)
  • Colin Edward:double bass(10)
  • Rev Blandford:clarinet(5)
  • Rev Clacton:accordion(5)
  • Dee Schooley:violin(7)
  • Prince Ash:additional percussion(6)
  • Dunya Yunis:sampled vocals(1,7)
  • Jaki Leibzeit:sampled marimba(9)