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IMage of the cover of Topanga Anthem

Topanga Anthem

Susan Lovell


Ben appears as a session musician.
track list

  1. Topanga Anthem
  2. Topanga Time
  3. April is the Greening Time
  4. Canyon Folk
  5. Welcome to Topanga Town (Red & Blue)
  6. The Men of Topanga (Los Hombres de Topanga)
  7. Summer Feet
  8. Ode to Topanga

  • Susan Lovell:Vocals, Guitar
  • Paul Crouch:Basses, Drums
  • Janet Crouch Shulman:Cello
  • Jennifer Roth:Flute
  • Frank Harper:Banjo
  • Richard Schofield:Banjo
  • Ben Paley:Fiddle
  • Leo Shulman:Drums