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The Wild Turkey Brothers


Twexlpod Twexlpod01
Download for free! Infamous Brighton Death-Blue-Metal-Grass merchants. The seminal first album. Recorded in a field in Ballsdean Bottom in Sussex, stood around a single mic... you may hear sheep in the background if you listen closely. Now rare, this recordings and its sister album Like This Only Better are all that remain of the semi-legendary Turkeys. Originally a bluegrass band, they toured in support of the Levellers, played innumerable festivals, inspired fanatical devotion in their supporters, and horrified the more inflexible elements of the British bluegrass scene.
track list

  1. Over The Waterfall
  2. How Mountain Goats Can Love
  3. Grumpy Old Man
  4. Temperance Reel / June Apple
  5. Old Joe Clark / Cripple Creek
  6. Bugle Call Rag
  7. Hogeye
  8. Red Haired Boy
  9. The Poodle Song
  10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown

  • Tab:Guitar,Vocals
  • Matt:Banjo,harmonica,guitar
  • Marcus:drums, cowbell
  • Edmund:Mandolin,vocals
  • Danny:bass,vocals
  • Ben:fiddle,vocals