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IMage of the cover of Disorder


McDermott's 2 Hours v. Levellers


Hag Records HAG011
Another helping of Nick Burbridge's beautiful and disturbing songwriting, with members of the Levellers.
track list

  1. Tod The Ranter
  2. Summer Song
  3. Black Sun (In Genoa)
  4. The Old Man's Retreat
  5. Watering The Wine
  6. Party To The Process
  7. The Madness Of John Clare
  8. Bloody Sunday
  9. A Fable From Aigge
  10. Just A Life (Sol)
  11. The Dutiful Man As A Moth
  12. Johnny And The Jubilee

  • Nick Burbridge:singing, guitar, bodhran
  • Ben Paley:fiddle, backing vocals, mandolin
  • Matt Goorney:lead guitar
  • Charlie Heather:drums, percussion
  • Jeremy Cunningham:bass guitar
  • John Brewins:whistle
  • Mandy Murray:concertina
  • Roger Leach:banjo
  • Nigel Adams:trumpet
  • Jake Rowsham:backing vocals, ukelele, guitar effects