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IMage of the cover of Far As My Eyes Can See

Far As My Eyes Can See

Kieron Means


Fellside Recordings FECD195
Guitarist and singer of his own and traditional songs. Ben appears as a session musician.
track list

  1. One More Mile
  2. False Young Man
  3. I Don't Want A Woman To Stay Out All Night Long
  4. Pat Do This
  5. I Worry For This World
  6. Quil O'Quay
  7. Harrison Brady
  8. The Farmer's Daughter
  9. Mississippi Heavy Water Blues
  10. Run Sister Run
  11. One Day
  12. The Cuckoo
  13. The L&N Don't Stop Here Any More
  14. Drunkard's Lone Child
  15. Swannanoa Mountain

  • Kieron Means:vocals, guitar
  • Sara Grey:vocals,banjo
  • Ben Paley:fiddle
  • Linda Adams:chorus vocals