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IMage of the cover of The In-Between Us

The In-Between Us



World Music from Mars! Mark Carroll and Tony Wickham's techno-dub and Ben and Tab's hardcore traditional styles are brought together here. Unlike many so-called fusions, however, this music hasn't just been sticky-taped together, but the four have genuinely created something new and strange. Download from Bandcamp!.
track list

  1. Otherworld Dub
  2. The Tree That Far From Eden Grows
  3. Beneath The Frozen Surface
  4. Coming From The In-Between Us
  5. Follow The Sun
  6. Viridian Venusian
  7. A Force Of Nature
  8. Many Circles Of Dub
  9. The Glowing Mud Of Machynlleth
  10. Barefoot in the Moonshine

  • Mark Carroll
  • Tab Hunter
  • Ben Paley
  • Tony Wickham