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IMage of the cover of Homunculus Mellitus

Homunculus Mellitus

Ben Paley


My first solo album. To purchase a CD, visit the shop on this site. For a digital download of the album, visit my BandCamp page.
track list

  1. The Radstock Jig
  2. Morning of 1845
  3. Polska efter Lars i Kontere
  4. The Rover in the Bog / From Galway to Dublin
  5. Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
  6. Croquet Habit
  7. Melodi fra Vest-Agder
  8. Sullivan's Hollow / Roulette
  9. Polska efter Blank Anders
  10. Virginia Gals
  11. The Black Joak
  12. The Old Walls of Liscarroll / The Yellow Wattle / Winnie Hayes'
  13. Molly Put the Kettle On
  14. Gills Brudpolska
  15. The Storms are on the Ocean

  • Ben Paley