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Tune Tune For Gabi

Such a clever tune. Each bar is in 7/8, but alternating between 2-2-3 and 3-2-2 which is unusual, and makes it a bit hard to pin down, while remaing utterly regular. Moreover, each part is a slightly smaller copy of the part that precedes it. The underlying motif is long enough so that this isn't necessarily obvious, but the effect is slightly claustrophobic and spiralling. Overall it can be a little bit disorienting and makes very good use of the Phrygian Mode without falling into cliché.

Bing and I recorded this tune on our 1995 album We Are Melting. You can order a CD copy, or buy the album for download or just listen to or download this track to hear Bing's nifty and interesting harmonisation.

Decide for yourself whether or not to repeat each part, or do as Bing and I did, and do both.

© 1985 Bing Lyle

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  • Bing Lyle and Ben Paley, "We Are Melting", 1995

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