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Tune Mrs Dwyer's Hornpipe

Also known as:

  • Mrs O'Dwyer's

I learnt this tune from PJ and Martin Hayes' 1989 cassette the Shores of Lough Graney, and that's more or less the version here, but possibly even more beautiful is Ella May O'Dwyer's own playing, which you can find at the start of this video.

Listen to Ella Mae O'Dwyer or the Hayes playing it to get a feel for the rhythm. I've notated the tune with dotted pairs because the swing is important, but this notation exaggerates the degree of swing. The ratio between the first two notes, for instance, should probably be closer to 2:1 than 3:1.

© Ella Mae O'Dwyer arr. Paley

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  • PJ and Martin Hayes, "The Shores of Lough Graney", 1989

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