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Tune Marsch efter Hans Dalfors från Ore

Also known as:

  • March from the playing of Hans Dalfors from Ore

In the A part you'll notice that I'm anticipating the first note of bar 7, starting it in bar 6. This is only a suggestion*, of course and, as written, it comes out as quite an extreme syncopation - extreme in the context, at least. You might like to de-emphasise this in your playing, or ignore it completely.

In the third bar of the harmony, I've written both B to D and B to G. I think it sits very nicely like this, providing some movement against the repetition in the melody, but you might like to play one note both times: I offer them as alternatives.

[*this is a joke, because the Swedish word for suggestion, "förslag", has a technical meaning in music to do with anticipating and retarding notes. Do you love puns that have to be explained? I do.]

Trad arr. © 2022 Ben Paley

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  • Ola Bäckström and Per Gudmundsson, "Ola & Per", 2001

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