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Tune Marsch efter Hans Dalfors från Ore

Also known as:

  • March from the playing of Hans Dalfors from Ore

In the A part you'll notice that I'm anticipating the first note of bar 7, starting it in bar 6. This is only a suggestion*, of course and, as written, it comes out as quite an extreme syncopation - extreme in the context, at least. You might like to de-emphasise this in your playing, or ignore it completely.

Notice that the harmony part has a B♭ in the first bar of the B part, but a B♮ in the fifth bar. This isn't a mistake, it's a nice little detail from the version Ola Bäckström and Per Gudmundsson play on their album "Ola & Per". But even more so than with melodies, harmonies are very personal, and it's up to you to decide what kind of harmonisation you like best. That goes for all the other notes, too!

Similarly, in the third bar of the harmony, I've written both B to D and B to G. You might want to play it like this, or play the G both times, or the D, I offer them as alternatives.

[*this is a joke, because the Swedish word for suggestion, "förslag", has a technical meaning in music to do with anticipating and retarding notes. Do you love puns that have to be explained? I do.]

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  • Ola Bäckström and Per Gudmundsson, "Ola & Per", 2001

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