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Tune The Cameronian

The 1997 album "The Fiddle Music of Donegal, Volume 2" is a wonder throughout, but Ronan Galvin's version of the Cameronian really stuck out to me. It's a very unusual version to say the least! You could think of the first part as being in F natural Lydian rather than G Mixolydian, but I chose to write it here as G major all the way through for ease of notation. And yes, it's crooked. Irish tunes can be crooked too.
Ronan Galvin finishes on the F♯ at the beginning of the last bar, whereas I finish on the C♮ which is the first note of the tune: I only recently noticed that difference, and there's the Folk Process in action!

Trad arr. © 2022 Ben Paley

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  • Ronan Galvin, "The Fiddle Music of Donegal, Volume 2", 1997

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