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Tune Molly Put The Kettle On [A]

John Hartford plays a fantastic, somewhat more muscular version of this tune in G, but I also love this gentler fretless banjo version from Andy Cahan. It's a solo on 1978's "Ship in the Clouds" from Cahan, Laura Fishleder and Lisa Ornstein.

It's really fun trying to imitate Cahan's fretless banjo playing on the fiddle. He slides down on the second note in the A part, starting from C♮ to something close to a B♮. It's a subtle but effective slide which I tried to incorporate into my playing. A similar moment is in the seventh bar of the B part, where I've notated a half-sharp: what I play is a small slide from something a little sharp of C♮ to something a little flat of C♯.

At least that's what I think I'm doing: trust your ears over my notation.

Trad arr. © 2022 Ben Paley

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  • Andy Cahan, Laura Fishleder, Lisa Ornstein, "Ship in the Clouds", 1978

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