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Collection Broadstairs, 2022

  1. Polska efter Kings Selma Olofsdotter
  2. Little Dutch Girl
  3. Shuffle bowing patterns

There's something wonderful about a tune with an empty first beat! I've written the tune as I analyse the rhythm, but you should listen to these versions to make your own mind up, especially if you're not familiar with polskas:
...the last of which has some different notes, altering the mood slightly and emphasising the sun-coming-out-from-behind-the-clouds feeling of the second part. And listen to the way the harmony varies under the repeated phrase in the first part. These three versions together make a fascinating comparison!
Another tune I learnt from the great Dan Stewart. How is he so good? Anyway, this is a popular and well-known tune at the moment so you should be able to find people to play it with. There's nothing particularly tricky going on, so just enjoy it.
What's important here is, of course, the direction of the bow rather than the actual notes. But, since you have to play some notes, you might as well play these, for practice. Perhaps you'd like to let an open A drone ring out while you're noting the D string. Or you might like to hit the A string just on down bows, for instance. Experiment with this, and with things like how much bow you use, and how much swing you give the rhythm.

Trad arr. © 2020 Ben Paley

Trad arr. © 2022 Ben Paley

Trad arr. © 2005 Ben Paley

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  • Hedningarna, '"Kaksi!", 1991

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