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Collection Whitby, 2013

  1. Sullivan's Hollow
  2. The Little Yellow Dog Came Running Through The Meeting House

This Mississippi tune is named after a famously rough part of the state. I got it from Freeney's Barn Dance Band on County's "Mississippi String Bands" compilation, recorded in 1930. It's also on my album, Homunculus Mellitus.
This is a perennial crowd-pleaser. It works fast and slow, yee-haw or contemplative, or anywhere inbetween.

Trad arr. © 2018 Ben Paley

Trad arr. © 2013 Ben Paley

Generating the image

Generating the image


  • Freeney's Barn Dance Band, "Mississippi String Bands Vol. 2", recorded 1930
  • Ben Paley, "Homunculus Mellitus", 2019


  • Rayna Gellert, "Ways of the World", 2000

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