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Collection Broadstairs, 2011

  1. Jenny Run Away In The Mud In The Night
  2. Rock the Cradle - simple version
  3. Rock the Cradle - a serving suggestion
  4. Shuffle bowing patterns

A "jenny" is a female donkey, as well as being a human name. I wonder if that's what ran away?
What's important here is, of course, the direction of the bow rather than the actual notes. But, since you have to play some notes, you might as well play these, for practice. Perhaps you'd like to let an open A drone ring out while you're noting the D string. Or you might like to hit the A string just on down bows, for instance. Experiment with this, and with things like how much bow you use, and how much swing you give the rhythm.

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  • Marcus Martin, "When I Get My New House Done", recorded 1945 and released 2007
  • Rayna Gellert, "Ways of the World", 2000

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