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Wild Turkey Brothers

Here are the two albums the Wild Turkey Brothers made: 1991’s In: and Like This Only Better from 1992. You can download each album for free, or listen to individual tracks. The audio quality isn’t that great — it wasn’t that great to start with, to be honest.

Cover of In: by the Wild Turkey Brothers In:

Click here to download In:.

  1. Over The Waterfall
  2. How Mountain Goats Can Love
  3. Grumpy Old Man
  4. Temperance Reel / June Apple
  5. Old Joe Clark / Cripple Creek
  6. Bugle Call Rag
  7. Hogeye
  8. Red Haired Boy
  9. The Poodle Song / Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Cover of Like This Only Better by the Wild Turkey Brothers Like This Only Better

Click here to download Like This Only Better.

  1. Kitchen Girl
  2. Broadfield
  3. Under the Double Eagle
  4. Pan-European Plate-Smashing Bourrées
  5. Midnight On The Water
  6. Special Bluegrass Special
  7. Eat, Drink And Be Merry
  8. John Hardy
  9. Ship In The Clouds / Big Scioty
  10. Woke Up Dead
  11. Shooting Star
  12. Down In The Swamp / Sitting In The Social

The band was:

  • Edmund Barrett, mandolin
  • Matt Goorney, banjo and electric guitar
  • Danny Howell, bass
  • Tab Hunter, guitar
  • Marcus Laffan, drums
  • Ben Paley, fiddle

…and of course all of us sang, a bit, except Tab who sang a lot, and we all made other noises with Jews’ Harps and crockery and so on.

Although he doesn’t appear on these recordings I’d feel bad not to mention Paul Crouch, who replaced Danny on bass at the very end, for a few of our farewell gigs.