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Lewes, 2023

Thank you all for a wonderful workshop. I was asked to mention some of the players who’ve influenced me: keep scrolling for the tunes!

  • For American music, my dad Tom Paley — not as a fiddle player but just as a musician. His Hard Luck Papa is available for purchase on CD or for download. Fiddle players I admire are Marcus Martin, French Carpenter, Clayton McMichen, Lisa Ornstein, Ruthie Dornfeld, Bruce Molsky, Rayna Gellert.
  • Irish: Tommy Peoples, Yvonne Casey, Bobby Casey, Frankie Gavin (on Masters of Irish Music with Alec Finn), Tony Linnane, P.J. Hayes.
  • Swedish fiddle players: Björn Ståbi, Kalle Almlöf, Pers Hans, Marianne Skagerlind, Einar Hansamder, Ola Bäckström, Per Gudmundsson, Simon Simonsson, Mats Berglund.

There are so many others! These are just a few of the players who have been my favourites over the years.