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The Long Hill Ramblers


But the beating heart of this band is the unparalleled musicianship of the already legendary Ben Paley / Tab Hunter partnership

Stuart Reed, May 2011

Laura Hockenhull’s effortless vocal style captures the essence of traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic. With the backing of Dan Stewart (banjo & mandolin) and the internationally acclaimed duo of fiddler Ben Paley and guitarist Tab Hunter on vocal harmonies, this is a band which combines flawless technique with subtlety and imagination. By turns exuberant and heartfelt, their live performances are an unconfined joy!

Stuart Reed, February 2013

Beauty & Butchery

Hunter, Paley and Stewart are all widely-acknowledged masters of their instruments but there isn’t a trace of the dry, sterile, academic virtuosity that afflicts the recordings of too many for whom it all comes very easily – rather a real sense that these chaps are using their ears as much as their fingers.

Paley has already been called “just about the best folk fiddler of his generation” in this esteemed organ, and he justifies that praise in abundance here. As the subtle alchemy of his playing transmutes the Appalachian One Year When Bacon Was Scarce into a Swedish polska you’ll be entranced until the very last note. When he then shifts into high gear for the following Hop Rabbit Hop, you’ll be dancing uncontrollably round the kitchen and grinning from ear to ear.

Steve Hunt in fRoots, 2014

Download Beauty & Butchery here, or purchase Beauty & Butchery on CD here.