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Apex, Bury St Edmunds, July 2012

Unfortunately the band are a man down at the moment as fiddler Jon Sevink is recovering from an operation to re-attach a tendon in one of his fingers. He has found an able replacement for himself in the figure of Ben Paley, fiddle player with McDermott’s 2 Hours, the seminal band that were a huge influence on the Levellers. Lev’s fan favourite Dirty Davey is actually a McDermott’s original, so Paley gets to come full circle.

Learning the fiddle parts was no problem for Paley in the month he had, what was harder for him was to get his head round all the effects Sevink uses on his instrument in different songs. The fiddle sound that he has is unique and is a trademark of the bands sound, Paley did a brilliant job however.

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