Moksha fit in more than one genre, their sound is unique but sits comfortably under the broader umbrella of world music, but once on first name terms, I’d call it fiddly-dub. The Dub inspired grooves are harder than I expected and this gives the sound a more edgy, urban feel.

Ben Paley is renowned for his fiddle playing and is an authority on Scandinavian Folk tunes. This ancient, northern, sometimes eastern sounding style is what gives Moksha its depth. It feels old, shamanistic and pagan. There is humour here as well though, and the Bluegrass feel and slide guitar of Otherworld Dub brings a smile to your face for its sheer cheekiness. The guitar playing of Tab Hunter is excellent throughout, the production is solid, all in all this is the most exciting and original album I've heard this year. Fiddly Dub, Celtic Dub, Hillbilly Dub, World music from another planet..... Whatever this is, it works.