...Ben is thin, with pale, spiky, untidy hair and casual clothes. He looks like he doesn’t care about anything but when he rocks gently back and forth, his lips half smiling, his eyes closed, lost in some personal, musical reverie, he plays like the only thing worth caring about is a violin. He moves his right arm up and down like some oriental dancer folding and unfolding their hands, an easy, stylish, fluid motion, offering syncopated fills to the melody of Maggie’s flute and the intricately layered structures of Duck’s guitar. His playing is warm, rich, sometimes dry, sometimes dusty, never intrusive, always inventive; he’s a Zen fly fisherman, only with a bow not a rod.

... Ben and Maggie have the ability to do more than just engage your critical acclaim; they can ignite your emotions or break your heart slowly if they choose and the fabulous Baker boy has the surgical skill and technique, the wit and the musical charm to stitch it all back together again.