When I saw the names of the artists, I nearly had the horrors. Tab Hunter, indeed, Young Love I can do without. However, once the disc was on the system, my worst fears were soon dispelled for Ben Paley and Tab Hunter are two consummate musicians, one a fiddler and one a guitarist.

To hold the listeners' attention with such limited instrumentation is no easy task but I can tell you that these guys do it admirably. There is a lovely variety in their music ranging from the Irish Jig on through Swedish influenced offerings culminating with the wonderful Fun der Chupah which is nothing less than a Jewish wedding tune. Particularly close to my heart is Grub Springs which puts me very much in mind of the old Cajun fiddler Rufus Thibedeaux - there's a bit of name dropping for you!

I have heard a number of albums of this ilk and very often I have to politely say that they are pleasant but not necessarily something that I would recommend for purchase. In the case of Ben and Tab, you can reverse that judgement completely. The playing is as clean as a whistle which, perhaps, is what you might expect from their pedigree.

Most of the material is fiddle led but the second take on Glory in the Meeting House features Tab on his guitar. And what on earth he is up to on Jackson's is beyond my comprehension. All I know is that it is damn fine music and this album deserves your investment.