Have you ever looked for a really good album of fiddle tunes to play to your friend who isn't sure they really like fiddle music? Well, this is the definitive CD. A delightful collection, a superb variety of tunes from North America, Ireland, Sweden, Scotland and other interesting parts of the World.

Played beautifully by Ben Paley with sensitive and inventive guitar backing by Tab Hunter. My favourite track is Fun der Chuph [sic] a Jewish wedding tune played when the happy couple walk from the ceremony. Then there is the bulgar and a hora from Odessa and Bessarabia - seriously foot tapping. This is followed by Little Rabbit, a North American banjo tune learnt from Ben's dad Tom. Irish reels complete this 21 tune CD.

The detail given with the CD explains where the two learnt the tunes and where they come from. Shame about the photo of the two, they look as if someone has just hit them hard over the head. There is much talent and humour in this CD - a must for all traditional tune people!