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IMage of the cover of Sandy Boys

Sandy Boys

Sara Grey with Kieron Means and Ben Paley


Fellside FECD225
"fine musicanship...heartfelt vocals and her assertive banjo playing make anything she records an enjoyable listening experience" Sing Out magazine
track list

  1. Sandy Boys
  2. Goodnight-Loving Trail
  3. Resurrection Day
  4. Sheep, Sheep Don't You Know The Road
  5. East Virginia Blues
  6. Molly Cottontail & Jemmy Taylor-O
  7. The Cruel Lowland Maid
  8. Fine Times At Our House
  9. Old Paint
  10. The Jealous Brothers
  11. Rake & Rambling Boy
  12. Black Is The Color
  13. Walkin' Down The road
  14. Young Hunting
  15. Train On The Island

  • Sara Grey: vocals, banjo
  • Kieron Means: vocals, guitar
  • Ben Paley: fiddle, vocals
  • Mike Whellans: harmonica
  • Betty McDonald: vocals
  • Linda Adams: vocals